Keeping your marriage alive at 55

Published on December 12, 2015

Married Seniors

Most marriages begin happy and hopeful and stay that way for a long time; however, there comes a time in some marriages when it becomes stale and routine. One way to keep your marriage happy is to remind yourself and your partner how much you appreciate them. After a person has been married for many years they begin to take each other for granted and the passion that was once there is gone. So, to ensure that romance and connecting with each other continue, tell him or her how much he or she is appreciated.

Every day, a man and wife performs certain duties and when those duties become routine and expected, then dissatisfaction and looking for love elsewhere may begin. It may sound cliche but it is important to say thank you for the little things. Days come and go and routine matters such as taking the children to games or keeping track of who initiates sex, become a scoreboard, with each spouse keeping track of who is doing more than the other one. Instead, keep score of the positive things your partner does in a day and then thank him or her.

Most importantly, take care of your appearance. It's easy to let your appearance slide but think back to when you did your best to look nice when going on a date with your spouse. Well, as you grow older, it is even more important to look nice. Appearances do matter; especially as we grow older and looking good can also make you feel happy and healthy.

Keep in mind; not every difference of opinion should be talked about; sometimes the best way to handle a problem is to walk away from it. Whenever possible, let it go. Forgiving and forgetting can do more for a relationship than almost anything. Then, think about how it would be without your spouse. Sure you have disagreements and problems but would those problems be any better without him or her? Remember, in most cases, it is better to be with someone you love than to be alone.

Sharing with someone you love, even when there are differences, is much better than tackling life on your own. Life, as we know, has its ups and down. The truth is you won't be staying up or down permanently; life is full of cycles - good and bad. In addition, maintain passion and intimacy, and not just in the bedroom but show passion when talking, cuddling, hugging or looking at each other and smiling.

To conclude, keep your marriage happy and healthy. Follow one or more of the above tips and enjoy each day!

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