How To Relate To Your Grandkids

Published on February 26, 2016

Seniors With Grandkids

Grandparents often want to have the deep connection with their grandchildren where they can get to know them as well as help them along their way. Grandparents wonder how they can do these things that does not include a TV, iPad, or any technology getting in the way.

Take it back to when you were a kid and how your grandparents treated you. You don't need all of what the modern day has for kids, let them see what life is really like away from the distractions. Children need love and attention ,Grandparents are great with that!

Remember when you were a kid when your Grandma/Grandpa put you on their lap and read you a story? Remember how you used your imagination with the sound of their voice and often times we didn't even pay attention to the story just wanted to hear them read it. That's what children love, they love the attention but they love their Grandparents even more.

Children love to hear stories about their ancestors, and often times where the family came from. When you explain these things to them they grow a connection with you as you are taking your time to tell them as well as giving them the attention they crave from you. Sometimes kids need a little bit more direction on the good and bad of things, when they see you telling them right from wrong they learn to respect.

This creates a bond with you that will always be there, many times we don't realize it but kids want you to take action as they know you care about their well being. Don't be afraid to say no every once in awhile I know its hard as its your Grandbaby but think of the outcome they will have in the future, it is well worth it! Let your grandchild experience new things, maybe Mom and Dad hasn't let them try ice cream yet, or maybe a piece of candy.

When they taste that first bite of ice cream they will remember that moment for the rest of their life, and each time they eat that ice cream they will be reminded of you. There are many ways you can relate to your grandchild without the distractions of the world. Give these ideas a try, maybe even use things you remember your own Grandparents doing for you. Remember it is all worth it in the end!

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